At a time of Airdrop(see countdown above) all EOS token holders will receive equal amount of KEN(Tokena) tokens. KEN tokens are not for trade, KEN tokens to be used to reduce Tokena comissions. Tokena will not support exchanges, as it is unlikely exchanges will airdrop KEN tokens due to direct competition.

Tokena coin(KEN) Distribution

Below is distribution information based on Airdrop data

1,300,000,000 KEN

Total supply

1 June, 6:00 PM UTC

Airdrop date

10-15 June, 2018

Distribution period

600,000,000 KEN

Airdrop to EOS Token holders

300,000,000 KEN

Team Allocation

400,000,000 KEN

EOS Fees for bandwidth

Product Details

Tokena is EOS based, which is main product advantage. EOS is super fast, so Tokena will handle transactions almost immediately, with no delays to the end user. Tokena is decentralized exchange, so it smart contract will handle everything.

Preliminary decided Tokena to have 0.3% trading fees(for makers and takers), however if you will use KEN tokens then fees will be reduced to 0.15%

Why Tokena


All operations will be handled by EOS smart contract, so no human involvement is needed to work with exchange operations.


Unlikely to Ethereum based decentralized exchanges, EOS based exchange is a lot faster due to network speed.


No barriers to withdrawals and deposits. Deposits and Withdrawals are instant.


Tokena believes that the only way to build right exchange is to create decentralized, fast, secured and reliable exchange. Such exchange should work in a way as best centralized crypto exchanges on the market. EOS has right platform where user has no need to pay network fees, where network is fast and reliable.


2018 Q2

1/05/2018: Idea development and testing of existing decentralized exchanges
1/06/2018: Airdrop(Snapshot at ERC20 EOS token)
06/2018: KEN Token Distribution in EOS network. Telegram bonus airdrop.

July 2018

07/2018: Private beta testing users selection
07/2018: Private beta version and up to 10 trade pairs.

August - October 2018

08/2018: Public launch
09/2018: Token Approval mechanism
10/2018: Growth on trade pairs, adding KEN markets

2018 Q4

11/2018: Further product improvements


Q1-Q2: Expansion to local markets, localisations and support team growth
Q3-Q4: Support of other blockchains(cross chain), wrap transactions into EOS network


Q1-Q4: Further expansion and user base growth
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